Integrated Team Planning outline


Integrated Team Planning is a cloud-based solution with the underline principles of Last PlannerTM that Empowers Project Teams to Collaborate, Coordinate and Communicate their plans effectively and efficiently from anywhere.

InTeamPlan removes waste from the process it makes plans more predictable and delivers projects faster and cheaper.

InTeamPlan enables all team members to simultaneously collaborate with pull planning on site or while working remotely. Its flexible creation of bespoke Activities and Digital Day Cards, together with AI Clash Detection and Drag & Drop function makes it easy and simple to use by everyone in the supply chain.

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Construction team planning on an ipad
  • Look-Ahead Programmes: ensure that tasks are ready with constraint analysis visible to all team members
  • Weekly Planning: prepare, review and coordinate work between team members through digital day task cards that add greater ownership and clarity of workflow
  • Daily Briefings: review work from yesterday, look over work to be completed today, and look ahead at any possible constraints which might surface
  • Real Time KPIs: review task planning reliability, identifying areas of improvement with team actions that deliver project success
  • Lessons Learnt: real time database for continuous improvement